Odisha has emerged as a key state with regards to the mineral and metal based industries. At 34.3% in 2018, Odisha contributed the largest share of mineral production India in terms of value. Value of minerals produced in the state reached USD $3.12 bn in 2017-18.

Its large mineral deposits have enabled it to become the hub for mineral based industries. The steady economic growth of Odisha is impressive. The state’s growth rate is above the national average. The state contributes to almost 20% of stainless steel and 50% of aluminium smelting capacity in India, which is largest by any state in the country. As of February 2019, the state had a total installed power generation capacity of 7,649.12 megawatt (MW) and is the first state in India to have undertaken restructuring initiatives in the power sector. Bhubaneswar, the state’s capital, was ranked first in the ‘Smart City Challenge’ of Government of India.


  • 2nd largest publicly owned port in cargo-handling capacity at Paradip
  • Leading producer of horticulture crops - brinjal, cabbage, sweet potato, cashewnut
  • Largest producer of metals and minerals - aluminium, steel, bauxite, chromite and iron ore
  • 2nd largest producer of tiger shrimps in the country

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Odisha is one of the four states in India where Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (PCPIR) are being set up with a refinery of 15 MMTPA of expected capacity. Total merchandise exports from Odisha were USD $4.86 mn in FY19 (up to December 2018).


Food Processing

With 10 agro-climatic zones and 8 major soil types favourable for the production of a variety of crops, the state is the fourth largest producer of vegetables in India. The state ranks #2 in terms of tiger shrimp production in the country.



Odisha’s tourism sector contributes 13% to its GDP. With a record 12.6 mn tourist arrivals in the year 2016, the state government has developed tourism circuits such as the Golden Triangle of Tourism and Chilika Lagoon.


Metal Sector

The state has 99% of India’s chromite deposits, 51% of iron ore deposits and 39% of bauxite deposits. Odisha produced USD $579 mn worth of mineral resources in 2016-17.



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