Manipur is situated in the eastern-most corner of Northeast India. Manipur has the advantage of acting as India's 'Gateway to the East' through Moreh town, which is the only feasible land route for trade between India and Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. With about 3,268 square km of area covered by bamboo forests, Manipur is one of India’s largest bamboo producing states and a major contributor to the country’s bamboo industry. In 2017, the state accounted for 10,687 square km of bamboo bearing area.

Manipur has the highest number of handicrafts units as well as the highest number of craft persons comprising skilled and semi-skilled artisans in the entire north-eastern region. Handlooms is the largest cottage industry in Manipur and the state ranks among the top five in terms of the number of looms in the country.

  • Ranks #4 in the number of looms in India
  • One of the largest bamboo producing states in India
  • Kachai Lemon festival celebrated every year to promote investment in the geographical indication (GI) crop

Agriculture and Allied Sector

Agriculture sector contributes a major share to the total State Domestic Product (SDP). Rice is the staple food and is grown in hill and plain areas, and it accounts for about 98% of the total food grain production of the state.



With major fruits grown in the state like pineapple, orange, lemon, banana, guava, peaches and apples, Manipur is suitable for the development of horticulture. The average annual production of fruits and vegetables during 2015-16 was 0.47 MMT and 0.32 MMT, respectively.



Manipur has four varieties of Silk viz., Mulberry, Eri, Muga and Oak Tasar and the Manipur Sericulture Project was initiated to provide employment particularly to womenfolk. With the assistance of the Government of Japan through Government of India, 94.71% plantation was achieved. Raw silk production in Manipur during 2018-19 (up to December 2018) stood at 335 metric tonnes.


Bamboo-Producing Industries

Manipur is one of India's largest bamboo producing states, and a major contributor to the country's bamboo industry. Manipur accounts for about 25% of the total growing stock of bamboo of the North Eastern Region of India and 14% of the country. Three common facility centres for bamboo processing have been established at Tamenglong, Churachandpur and Imphal. Government of Manipur is taking up a Bamboo Technology Park at Kadamtala, Jiribam with an estimated cost of USD $104.3 mn.



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