Andhra Pradesh, famously known as “the rice bowl of India”, is dominated by the agriculture and livestock sector. The state is strategically located near Chennai and has easy connectivity to major cities and is one of the favoured destinations among foreign investors. International big players such as Intel and Volkswagen have set up their production units here. Amaravati, the upcoming green-field capital city of Andhra Pradesh, is being built in collaboration with the Governments of Japan, Singapore and U.K. With a GDP growth of 13.94% in Q2 of fiscal year 2015-2016, the city promises top-notch infrastructure and has taken a step towards being a medical hub with its Indo-UK Institute of Health (IUIH) in collaboration with the King’s College, London.

  • World's largest film industry in terms of viewership - Bollywood is based out of Mumbai
  • Largest producer of crude oil (offshore) in India at Bombay High
  • 2nd largest producer of cotton, sugarcane and banana in India
  • Contributes to 35.1% of India’s automobile output by value


Maharashtra accounts for 11.4% of India’s textile and apparel output. The sector is 2nd largest employment generator for both skilled and unskilled labourers in the state. The state has 14 private and 10 government textile parks being set up with plug and play facilities.



Maharashtra offers a wide range of attractions such as caves, creeks, beaches, mountains, monuments and forts to engage tourists. The state has launched Unlimited Maharashtra advertising campaign through newspapers and television channels to attract tourists during summer vacations. A half-hour ferry ride across Mumbai harbour takes visitors to view the superbly carved 1,300 years old cave temple on the little island of Elephanta, a favourite picnic spot. In 2017, the state had 119.2 million domestic tourist arrival and 5.08 million foreign tourist arrival.


Food Processing

Major processing industries in the state include sugar, milk, poultry, rice and flour mill, edible oil and fruit and vegetable units. The state is the largest producer of grapes in India and gives impetus to grape processing and wine industry by way of a dedicated industrial policy and 3 wine parks.


Gems and Jewellery

Maharashtra is one of the key states in India with gemstone reserves and mining potential. Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ) on 45 ha and Hupri Silver Zone on 81 ha form key part of jewellery designing hubs in the state.


Automobile and Auto-Components

The state accounts for 35% of the country's output of automobiles by value. The major automobile centres in the state include Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur.


Electronic System Design and Manufacturing

Maharashtra accounts for 30.5% of the industrial output of India's ESDM sector. The state has decided to set up three brown field electronic manufacturing clusters in Pune, Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai regions.


Information Technology

The state occupies a share of 20% in India's software exports. Pune is among top three cities in India in software exports. The government has launched Wi-Fi services, which will connect 500 hotspots across Mumbai, under the smart city project.


Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

Maharashtra accounts for more than one-third of the biotech revenue in the country. The state also contributes 20% to India's pharmaceutical output.



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