Bihar is located in the eastern part of India. It is one of the strongest agricultural states. The percentage of population employed in agricultural production in Bihar is around 80%, which is much higher than the national average. It is the fourth largest producer of vegetables & the eight largest producer of fruits in India. Food processing, dairy, sugar, manufacturing and healthcare are some of the fast growing industries in the state. The state has planned strategic enterprises for the development of other sectors such as education and tourism and also provides incentives for information technology and renewable energy.

The state enjoys a unique location specific advantage because of its proximity to the vast markets of eastern and northern India, access to ports such as Kolkata and Haldia and to raw material sources and mineral reserves from the neighbouring states. The state has a large base of cost effective industrial labour, making it an ideal destination for a wide range of industries. Total FDI for Bihar & Jharkhand, between April 2000 and December 2018, stood at USD $113 million making Bihar one of key areas for FDI investments.


  • Tourist arrival of over 29 mn, with 24% growth between 2012-16
  • Ranks #2 in cotton productivity in India
  • First-in-class Husk Power Systems which is India's first enterprise to use rice husk to generate clean energy for rural electrification
  • India's first electric locomotive manufacturing facility, opened as a joint venture between Alstom and the Indian Railways, launched its first electric locomotive engine in March 2018

Food Processing and Dairy

Primarily an agrarian economy, the total vegetable production in the state was 14.3 mn tonnes in 2016-17, which was the third highest in the country.

Textile and Leather

Home to around 1,00,000 weavers, the state produced around 72.2 tonnes of raw silk during 2015-16. Bihar also produces more than 2.5 mn bovine hides and 5 mn skins annually. Tasar silk of Bhagalpur is an exclusive product of Bihar, which has the potential to fetch premium prices.

Renewable Energy

Bihar has renewable energy potential of more than 12.5 GW. Moreover, the state government has initiated steps to address the supply-demand gap in electricity by implementing large power projects


Home to ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila, Bihar contains the remnants of these two ancient universities. The antiques and artefacts attract tourists in huge numbers. The place of origination for two of world’s great religions: Buddhism and Jainism.


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