Situated in northeast India, Assam is the highest producer of onshore natural gas in the country. The state produces more than half of India’s tea. The state is rich in water resources and has vast tracts of fertile land. Assam is also the third-largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the country and has ample reserves of limestone. With its five national parks and 18 wildlife sanctuaries, the state is a biodiversity hotspot. Other potential areas of investment include power and energy, mineral-based industries, tourism and crude oil refining.

According to the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), cumulative FDI inflows in North-Eastern states during April 2000-December 2018 stood at USD $113 mn. During 2017-18, total exports from the state stood at USD $382.35 mn. Exports from the state stood at USD $316.80 mn during 2018-19.

  • India's oldest operating oil refinery at Digboi
  • Largest producer of onshore natural gas in India
  • Contributes 50% to tea production in India
  • 3rd largest producer of petroleum


North-eastern states of India have a hydropower potential of 63,257 MW, which is about 43% of the total assessed hydropower potential of the country. Out of this, Assam has a capacity to produce 680 MW of hydropower. The state also has an estimated solar potential of 14,000 MW.

Textile, Handloom and Handicraft

Assam enjoys global monopoly in terms of Muga silk (also known as golden silk) production. The state accounts for around 95% of global Muga production. Moreover, Assam is the country’s major Eri silk producer (accounts for 65% of the country’s Eri silk production). Raw silk production in Assam and Bodoland reached to 4,587 MT in the year 2018-19 (Up to December 2018). The state also has 51 different species of bamboo.

Tourism and Hospitality

Termed as the land of “Blue Hills and Red River” Assam is the gateway to the north-eastern states and has been aptly described as the sentinel of northeast India. The state recorded the arrival of 6.07 million tourists in 2017. Tourism sector contributes about 5.5% to the state GDP and provides approximately 10.5% employment in the state.

Agri-Horticulture and Food Processing

With 98.4% of the total land mass in rural areas, agriculture and allied activities are the major occupations in Assam. The state has a net cultivable area of 2.8 million ha, out of which 88% of the total land is available for cultivation. Total production of horticulture crops in the state in 2018-19 stood at 7.18 million tonnes with 702.53 thousand hectares area under production.

Information Technology

The state government has plans to develop an IT Park in Bongora, Guwahati over an area of 40 ha, with an estimated amount of USD $700 mn worth investments.


Pharma and Medical

The state is home to more than 952 species of plants used in medical practices. About 10 pharmaceutical units have started their production in the state, with a cumulative investment of USD $142 mn.


Plastic and Petrochemicals

Assam accounts for almost 15% of India's total crude oil output. The state has reserves of 1.3 billion tonnes of crude oil and 156 billion cubic metre of natural gas and hence is an ideal destination for energy.


River Transport and Port Township

15 of the declared 111 national waterways, including NW-2 of the Brahmaputra River pass through Assam. The state government is planning to increase inland waterways transportation’s share of cargo traffic from 3% to 10%, making it 35 metric tonnes per annum.



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