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While world seems focused on SpaceX’s successful launch of Falcon Heavy, everyone back home is wondering about developments in India. While India may be behind some countries in certain areas, its growth is steadily sealing the gap. The landmark launch of 104 satellites was one such instance, an important moment, not only for India, but the entire space sector. Since the launch of India’s mars mission at the lowest cost ever, there has been a keen interest in India’s space efforts. With successes in subsequent launches that are also cost effective, a positive feedback loop has emerged, one that keeps pushing the sector forward. A price comparison shows the significant cost difference– A launch by Arianespace’s Ariane-5 (the most successful commercial rocket in use right now) costs more than $100 mn, and one by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 costs around $62 mn; A PSLV launch costs a mere $15 mn.

The private sector is growing slowly and steadily. As the scope of its participation in the country’s space efforts increases, so do hopes for a significant boost in the sector.

100% FDI for Indian space research organisation’s is allowed in satellites-establishment and operation.



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    World record of sending 104 satellites into space in a single mission

  • 2

    India’s space programme stands out as one of the most cost-effective in the world

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    Ranks among the top 5 nations in the field of space exploration

To cater to the global $329 bn (2016) space economy, ISRO has its specialized commercial arm that was granted a ‘MINIRATNA’ status, Antrix Corporation Limited set up in 1992

Antrix has played a critical role in commercializing ISRO’s capabilities. The company is estimated to have almost 0.6% of the global launch market services. While this number may seem small, it a significant achievement for a government enterprise acting in a heavily capital constrained economy

The INSAT system with more than 200 transponders provides services to telecommunications, television broadcasting, satellite newsgathering, societal applications, weather forecasting, disaster warning and Search and Rescue operations. GSAT-17 joins the constellation of INSAT System consisting 15 operational satellites. ISRO has successfully launched 7 navigation satellites

2017 was a land mark year for the space sector in India, marked by the introduction of the Space Activities Bill 2017

Today, India has one of the largest constellations of remote sensing satellites in operation. Currently, thirteen operational satellites are in Sun-synchronous orbit

  • Sagarmala initiative

    6 new ports identified under Sagarmala Programme
  • Cruise shipping

    Cruise shipping potential expected to grow
  • Specialist terminal based ports

    Cargo like LNG with specific equipment & high capi
  • Rising trade

    Increased trade & private participation in port in
  1. Jan 2019: Unispace Nanosatellite Assembly and Training by ISRO (UNNATI) is a programme which allows India to share its knowledge and train 45 countries nano-satellite making technique.
  2. Apr 2018: Bengaluru-based aerospace firm Alpha Design Technologies has built IRNSS-1L, the backup navigation satellite with a new atomic clock, which will be launched on Apr 12, 2018.
  3. Nov 2017: India’s ISRO and Japan’s JAXA are joining forces for a lunar mission.
  4. Nov 2017: ISRO called tenders from the private sector to participate in the areas of assembly, integration, and testing of 30-35 satellites.
  5. Jan 2015: Dhruva Space collaborated with Germany’s Berlin Space Technologies to build India’s first manufacturing facility for small satellites. Dhruva also partnered with Maryland-based AMSAT, to develop HAMSAT II, a disaster management and emergency radio communication satellite.

  • 100% FDI allowed in satellites-establishment and operation

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