FDI In Biotechnology Sectors

The biotechnology sector in the country has played a significant role in enhancing India’s global profile. India stands among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia Pacific, with approximately 3% share in the global Biotechnology industry. The Biotechnology industry in India, comprising about 800 companies, is estimated to have grown at a CAGR of 20.3% during 2005-17, to reach $11.6 bn in 2016-17.

By 2020, bio-incubation space of 175,000 sq. ft. has been planned with the target to support 50 world class bio-incubators. By 2025, Indian Biotechnology industry is expected to reach $100 bn.

100% FDI for biotechnology sector is allowed under the automatic route for green-field pharma.

100% FDI in biotechnology is allowed under the government route for brownfield pharma in up to 74% FDI is under automatic route and beyond 74% is under the government approval route.

Up to 100% FDI in biotechnology in India is allowed under the automatic route for the manufacturing of medical devices.



  • 1

    World’s largest producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine

  • 2

    World’s largest 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler manufacturer

  • 3

    World’s 3rd largest heavy truck manufacturer and 4th largest car manufacturer

The sector is divided into five major segments- Bio-pharma, Bio-services, Bio-agri, Bio-industrial, and Bio-informatics

The biopharmaceutical sector accounts for the largest share of the biotech industry with a share of 64% of total revenues, followed by bio-services with 18% market share

India is becoming a leading destination for clinical trials, contract research, and manufacturing activities, which is further fuelling the growth of the bio-services sector

Bio-agri segments accounted for 14% of the biotech industry in 2015-16, while the remaining market is catered by bio-industrial (3%) and bio-informatics (1%)

India's Serum Institute is the largest Bio-pharma company in the country and accounts for approximately 22% of the biopharma market

30 bio-incubators and biotech parks have been supported and established during April 2014-September 2016

  • Growing population

    India to become the world’s most populous countr
  • Rising demand for treatments

    Increased insurance penetration and a growing burd
  • Medical infrastructure facilities

    $ 200 Bn expenditure planned on medical infrastruc
  • Strong skilled manpower pool

    ‘National Biopharma Mission’, an Industry-Acad
  • Cost competitive manufacturing

    Development of life-science clusters builds collab
  1. Jul 2016: Helix investment Holdings Pte Ltd., Singapore invested $12 mn in Concord Biotech Ltd
  2. Aug 2015: Tano India Pvt., Mauritius invested $7.4 mn in Windlas Biotech Ltd.

  • 100% FDI allowed in greenfield projects
  • 74% FDI allowed in brownfield projects
  • 100% FDI allowed in the manufacturing of medical devices

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