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The Gaming Industry Is Rapidly Revolutionizing AVGC

    19 July , 2022         Fdiindia

The Gaming Industry Is Rapidly Revolutionizing AVGC

The rise of startups in India's online gaming industry has accelerated - positively impacting the economic trend of the country. Online gaming is one of the most lucrative sectors in the world - with tech enthusiasts and specialists alike flocking to it like bees to honey. Interesting enough, this division had also been a major contributor to the Indian media and entertainment business- being at the number two spot consecutively for two years now! Though all these developments were exciting, it was still necessary to maintain stability and grow steadily- which wasn't going to be easy when there was so much at stake. Therefore mentioned below are some trends on how stability is maintained in this sector.

The Sector has created the need for professionals through direct job opportunities in varying fields like Technology, Product Innovation, Data, Marketing, Finance, and HR among others. Game Designers and Developers will have to pursue education in the field specifically while specialists with backgrounds in Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs recognize this sector as a way to attain career growth.

The initiatives that promote internet access for low prices and smartphone penetration have changed the face of this new sector. There has been more investment in this past year, resulting in a 46% increase to INR 1100 crore by 2025. Other factors include new overseas investments and partnerships beginning to materialize within this segment - soon it will be undeniable that India offers an untouched gaming market. With 1/3rd of the world's population being under 25, investors can't afford to take advantage of what is already apparent.

According to the report released by KPMG in 2022, India's online gaming market had revenue of INR 136 billion ($1.80 billion) and is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 21% over the next five years leading up to INR 290 billion ($3.84 billion). This is encouraging news! Our government has finally taken notice of this long-overlooked sector that could serve as an employer or foreign direct investment (FDI) source here in India. With new opportunity comes prosperity so it may not be too far off until we start seeing our nation progress even more rapidly than before thanks to all these additional possibilities out there waiting for us.

Alongside the growing popularity of online gambling, another proposed revenue increase is to impose a reasonable GST value on the Gross Gaming Revenue. This will lead to increased government revenue as well as decreasing costs for operators, which would result in a win-win situation for all parties involved. Furthermore, such an initiative would contribute to achieving India's goal of generating one trillion dollars from its digital economy by 2025

Industry and government experts should work together to create a regulatory framework that is beneficial for both parties. It would also be helpful in overseeing the online gaming market, including monitoring it and promoting responsible gambling among others.


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