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Karnataka Tops the Country in FDI Inflow, Says Nirani

    13 May , 2022         Fdiindia

Karnataka Tops the Country in FDI Inflow, Says Nirani

Mangaluru, May 12: In a statement that the state is ranked number one in welcoming foreign direct investment (FDI), the Minister of Large and Medium Industries said that it's imperative to increase the tempo and approach aspects such as improving infrastructure and logistics besides creating an enabling environment for investors to thrive well.

Speaking to a group of journalists at the TMA Pai Convention Center, Nirani said, "You know we held our conference here last year, and it went so well that we decided that this place is our home. This is where we will hold our event every year. It's not just because of the location or architecture of the building - although they are certainly big draws. But there is also a lot you can learn about our industry by talking to experts in different fields within this very city. I would encourage you all to pay close attention during each talk by some of these professionals attending our event and use those skills when going forward with your own project, come what may be."

Karnataka has taken the initiative in getting semiconductor companies to come to the state under a policy crafted to attract such investments. In an announcement today, CM Devendra Fadnavis revealed that the government had cleared three proposed projects with an investment of Rs 22.5 billion (approx).

The government of India is also encouraging the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and ethanol fuel which can be extracted from various raw materials. In 2022-23, we're looking to increase the production of ethanol fuel by 20%. The government gives out an interest subsidy of up to 6% for this. The government is also investing in increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the country, for instance, through the creation of a Bulk Drug Park, which would happen in three places in India already, with 3000 hectares of land being reserved for it.

The Narendra Modi government plans to open up 1.5 million hectares of public lands for industrial use all across the country in hopes that they will attract private investors looking to expand their businesses. The entire effort is predicted to take several years - though it is hoped that only by making this land available for development can companies be prevented from outrightly grabbing vast swaths of land under new "anti-encroachment" laws.

"The state has 188 industrial centers, and the government has begun identifying lands that are lying fallow and will serve demolition notices to owners. The government will provide such areas to serious companies looking to start manufacturing operations in West Bengal", he said.


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