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The “granary of India”, Punjab, has the largest agricultural area under irrigation in India. The states highly fertile grounds result in the production of rice, cotton, sugarcane, pearl millet, maize, barley and fruit. The largest cultivated crop here is wheat. The confluence of five rivers makes Punjab’s agricultural land rich and productive. Approximately 82% of the state’s land is under cultivation compared with the national average of 40%.

Punjab’s road, rail and air transport network, connectivity, construction of bridges and infrastructure facilities are rated among the best. As of February 2019, Punjab had a total installed power generation capacity of 13,432.44 MW. Foreign Direct Investment will facilitate research and promote new technology. This can efficiently resolve the stress points plaguing Punjab’s agriculture sector.

  • Largest producer of machine, hand tools and bicycle components in India
  • India’s #1 state in terms of wheat and rice production
  • Leading producer of horticulture crops - carrot, peas, mandarin, radish and melon
  • Punjab is among the largest producers of cotton and blended yarn as well as mill-made fabrics in India

Food Processing

The government has made various efforts in assisting deserving investments for the food processing industry. Basmati rice exports from Punjab reached USD $991.14 mn in FY18 and USD $597.22 mn between Apr-Dec 2018. Agriculture and allied sectors account for approximately 21% of Punjab’s GSDP against an all India average of 14%.

Textile and Garments

Ludhiana is often referred to as the ‘Manchester of India. In FY19, Punjab exported cotton yarn worth USD $510.65 mn and Ready Made Garments (Manmade Fibres) worth USD $105.39 mn. The state accounts for 95% of India’s woollen knitwear production, 85% India’s sewing machines production and 75% of India’s sports goods production.

Light Engineering

With a rich industrial base of MSME units, the state accounts for 92% of India’s production of bicycle parts and 75% of bicycle production in India.

Renewable and Non-Renewable Power

It was ranked #1 amongst all Indian states for progress in solar energy in World Bank in 2015. The state plans on generating an estimated potential of 5400 MW of renewable energy through renewable resources by 2022.



About 70% of the population of Andhra Pradesh is in the working age group of 15-59 years.

Andhra Pradesh, the 10th most populated state in India, is home to about 4.1% of the country's total population. The state's population of 49.4 mn is equivalent to the population of Spain.

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