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Jharkhand is one of the richest mineral zones in the world and boasts of 40% and 29% of India's mineral and coal reserves respectively. Due to its large mineral reserves, mining and mineral extraction are the major industries in the state. Mineral production during 2017-18 in the state stood at Rs.2, 070.39 crore (USD $286.96 mn) and Rs.844.38 crore (USD $120.82 mn) between April-July 2018.

It is host to one of India’s largest commercial manufacturing units by TATA motors. Jharkhand serves as an ideal destination for power projects, cement plants, auto-component units, etc. due to the high availability of metals and minerals such as steel and coal. The state is also the largest producer of horticulture crops like green peas and tomatoes. The state also has policies for IT and special economic zones (SEZs) offering sector-specific incentives, as well as the Jharkhand Energy Policy 2012 which aims to supply reliable and quality power in an efficient manner at a reasonable price.


  • 2nd largest producer of horticulture crops - green peas, tomato
  • Contributes to over 20% of India's total steel production
  • Largest producer of Tasar silk in India, with 76.4% share in the total output
  • Possesses around 40% of the country’s mineral wealth


The state is the largest producer of Tasar silk (a non-mulberry silk) in the country, with 76.4% share in the total output. In 2017-18, raw silk production in the state stood at 2,220.0 mn tonnes and 949.3 mn for FY18-19 till Dec 2018. Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd. (JHARCRAFT) is a government of Jharkhand undertaking, established with an objective to create sustainable livelihood opportunities in the rural areas, based on sericulture, handloom, and handicraft.

Food Processing

Jharkhand is a producer of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both for domestic consumption and export requirements. Round the year cultivation of core crops such as cauliflower and cabbage is facilitated and promoted, because of Jharkhand's conducive climate.


As Jharkhand has around 40% of the country’s mineral wealth, its extensive mineral resources make mining, metals and related sectors especially lucrative for investments. Jharkhand presently contributes to about 25% of total steel being produced in the country.


A total of 12.3 GW of electrical capacity is intended to be installed by 2018. An availability of 24*7 power is critical to support its plan for rapid industrialization and economic growth. The state consumes 3.7% of the world’s total commercial energy generated, making it the 5th largest consumer in the world.


Automobile and Auto-Components

More than 800 auto ancillary and auto component units exist in Jamshedpur and Adityapur Auto Cluster. This cluster creates 20,000+ direct jobs and 50,000 indirect jobs. The expansion of steel plants in Jamshedpur and Bokaro gives an impetus to auto & auto components industry in the state.



The state is home to immense bio-diversity, moderate climate, and rich cultural and historical heritage, religious places of worship and ethnic aspects, which makes it the ultimate destination for tourists.


Health and Medical Education

The state is keen to set up super-speciality hospitals, medical colleges, nursing colleges, paramedical institutes and other health services under the PPP model.


The state has launched Jharkhand IT/ITeS Policy, BPO/BPM Policy, ESDM Policy and Start-Up Policy to attract investments in the sector and with aims to accelerate the growth of IT sector.


About 70% of the population of Andhra Pradesh is in the working age group of 15-59 years.

Andhra Pradesh, the 10th most populated state in India, is home to about 4.1% of the country's total population. The state's population of 49.4 mn is equivalent to the population of Spain.

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