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Listed amongst the world’s largest producers of textiles and garments, India’s textile industry continues to be an attractive destination for foreign direct investments. The industry is diverse and manufactures a wide range of segments including handicrafts, traditional handloom, wool, silk, and cotton products.

The textile and garment industry in India is the second-largest employment generating sector in the country, preceded only by the agricultural sector. The vast potential of the textile sector can be deduced by impressive statistics that place India as the largest procedure of cotton and jute and the second largest producer of silk, polyester, and fibre in the world.


An established textile manufacturer in India fared well locally with a few hundred employees under its wing and a decent online presence. They came to us looking to expand their business under a new identity aligning with the youth.

  • The garment chain was to enter the world of high-end apparel with a tentative investment of 450 crores.
  • The company planned on establishing a HQ and several stores in prime locations, increasing its base of employees to over 5,000.
  • The plan was to bank on ‘organic and recycled’ clothing for a touch of originality.

The company already had its toes in the industry. They came to us looking for a strong footing. Although having immense expertise about the textile industry in India, they lacked when it came to attaining funds from foreign investors.

Raising investments from within the country came with their set of hassles and the company looked towards the relatively easier option of foreign direct investments. As is first with every project we accept, we thoroughly researched the plan to deduce the foreign direct investment availability. We mapped the entry routes and any complications the project may face in the future.

We connected the company with foreign investors who wanted to enter the Indian market through the textile industry.

  • The company is set out on the path to become an upcoming brand with quality clothes, true to Indian craftsmanship.
  • The company has a recycling system in place that gives its brand an environmental friendly voice.
  • The company currently employees over 3,000 people and is reaching its mark of around 5,000.
  • 2 fully furnished stores are already established in prime locations of metropolitans and more are on the planning stage.
  • The company HQ is being constructed with an industrial design, keeping true to their idea of aligning with the youth.