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The Renewable energy sector in India is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world. As of now, this sector in India is Asia’s largest market for off-grid goods.

The sector is one of the fastest developing sectors of India. Reports say that the sector attracted $7.48 billion FDI in the last 18 years. Wind energy, as the term itself suggests, is when the wind is used to generate energy/electricity.

100% FDI is allowed in the sector of Renewable energy under the automatic route.


The company came to us with an ambitious project of setting up a big wind energy company in North India. The aim of their project will be to provide a surplus amount of energy to various companies, schools and universities. For the same, they needed FDI in order to proceed with their plan.

  • The company needed land with an area of 450 acres for its wind energy plant.
  • Installation of several hundreds of wind turbines with an approximate height of 330 ft with 270 ft long blades.
  • The land left in between the turbines will be used for different purposes like agriculture.
  • The company gave an estimation of the total cost for the set-up of the wind energy firm and that was USD 150 million but it was subjected to change.

The company, though, had their full idea on a clear blueprint but they were lacking in funds and also were not having a good knowledge regarding foreign direct investments.

Then they came to us and FDI India helped them to build a clear plan regarding FDI. We dedicatedly researched for the availability of the foreign funds and then let them meet the perfect foreign investor they were looking for.

We made sure that they do not face any complications while following the lengthy procedure of FDI and hence the project commenced thereafter.

  • In today's date, the firm produces a total amount of 150 MV energy.