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India is the largest provider of generic medicines in the world with a 20 per cent supply share in terms of volumes. As per data released by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, domestic pharmaceutical market turnover amounted to Rs. 129,015 crore (USD 18.12 billion). This figure increased in the FY 19 with a turnover of USD 19.14 billion.

India enjoys a significant position in the global pharma sector. The country is also the largest producer of vaccine.


The company is an agricultural science firm founded in India. They came to us with the aim of becoming a leading producer of plant-based health products by the means of expansion and commercial optimization.


  • The pharma company is a producer of plant-based, natural health products, more specifically, digestive health.
  • They aim at commercialising their brand name in the market niche of gut health.
  • In their pre marketing stage, they want to map clinical pathways and patient segments.
  • The project also involves an in-depth market research and price assessment.


While the company had the right technology, they lacked the means to make their company a big brand in a highly competitive market. They came to us looking not only for foreign investors, but also the right business partners who would help commercialize their plant-based innovation.

As is first with every project we accept, we thoroughly researched the plan to deduce the foreign direct investment availability. We mapped the entry routes and any complications the project may face in the future. The challenge for us was to guide the entire project through the lengthy process of foreign direct investment without incurring major difficulties.

We connected the company with interested foreign investors, and hereafter, the project commenced.


  • The company is on the end stages of developing a comprehensive research programme.
  • Expansion of the firm’s factory is currently under construction.
  • The company is also looking to venture out of gut health and develop natural skin products.