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The tourism and hospitality sector is one of the largest services in India. Our country holds the third rank in World Travel and Tourism Council and performance ranking. In the year 2017, Tourism and Hospitality earned $27.3 bn and it is forecasted to earn $50.9 bn by the year 2028.

100% FDI is allowed in India under automatic route and in the subsector of hospitality that is the construction of hotels, 100% FDI is allowed.


The company had a vision to build a five star hotel in order to attract the various travelers coming to India. As India is a major attraction for tourism, they wanted to provide them a comfortable stay with the best possible amenities. As they already had a land for the construction of their hotel, they were in need for a soft loan to proceed with the building.


The company had a grand vision for the infrastructure of their 5 star hotel. From the construction of the entry/exit gates to the smallest details, everything was planned:

  • Entry/exit gates: They wanted the entrance to be grand and make the guests feel welcomed, that is why it should be sophisticated.
  • Parking: The parking will have an accommodation of 500 cars. It will be divided in basement parking, multi-level parking and open parking.
  • Guest rooms: Rooms will be a combination of 100 double-bed rooms and 50 luxurious suites. From the area of each room to the temperature, everything was fixed.
  • Kitchens and Restaurants: A big restaurant along with a large kitchen is also included so that guests could enjoy some delicious food. There will be separate kitchens for the preparation of veg and non-veg food.
  • Swimming pools: Each suite will have a separate pool whereas there will be two pools for the remaining guests.

The company though had an ambitious project but they could not proceed further without any foreign investment inflow. While they were looking for some foreign investor to provide them funds, they landed in our company, FDI India. We then helped them and managed to fulfill their need of a foreign investor who helped them to bring their vision into reality.

  • The construction has already started and has reached only five floors out of 15 in total.
  • Basement parking has been fully made and now working on the multi-level parking.
  • The entrance gate too has been constructed but the design that the company has in mind will be achieved after the whole infrastructure is made.