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After the year 2000, 100% FDI was permitted by the Government in the Hospital sector. Since then, the sector has been given a lot of focus by many foreign investors who have partnered in the construction of several hospitals.

The foreign inflow in the Hospital sector though has increased but it contributes a very small percentage to the total health care finances.


The company came to us with their idea of building a big private hospital so that they could increase the efficiency of providing medical aid to people. A hospital that cures the minor as well as major problems that people are suffering from. They had good intentions and their project was ambitious but they were lacking funds and needed a soft loan from a foreign investor.

  • Wards: There will be several wards of different sizes. These wards will be divided in different departments like Emergency department, neurology and many others.
  • Parking: Underground parking and open parking will be available for the people. The parking could accommodate a total number of 400 cars.
  • Buildings: Five buildings each with 8 floors in total is the plan in their blueprint.
  • Procurement of medical equipment: They would require all the medical equipment needed for a big hospital. Instruments like Cardiac machines, MRI machines and every other will be present.
  • Computers and other hardware devices: The Company would be installing the necessary digital devices.
  • Pharmacy: A separate small land is reserved for a big pharmacy.

The company was searching for a foreign investor who could provide the funds for their grand project and then they landed on our company, FDI India. We helped them in getting the foreign inflows that they needed. We let them meet the apt foreign investor who provided them the funds and thus made their dream project come into reality.

  • The construction of buildings has been started.
  • The construction of the pharmacy has been completed.
  • Basement parking too has been finalized.