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India is the largest diamond processing centre in the world. This sector of Gems and Jewellery, plays a vital role in the Indian economy as it contributes 7% to the GDP and also adds up to 15% to India’s total merchandise.

The Government have allowed 100% FDI under automatic route in the gems and jewellery sector.


The company wants to be established as a diamond merchandiser. They wanted to collaborate with various famous Indian designers in order to provide customers with the best designs possible. They had some innovative ideas where they combine some ethnic designs with a modern touch. But, the lack of funds were restricting them and that is why they were looking for soft loans from foreign investors.

  • Establishment of stores: They want to establish grand stores where they could run their business.
  • Reaching to the major metropolitans cities: They have a vision to target all the major cities in India.
  • Procurement of raw materials: Besides the store establishment and reaching their targets, they also have to arrange the raw materials for their jewellery store.
  • Collaboration with famous designers: They aim at collaborating with famous jewellery designers in India.

While they were looking for a foreign investor, they came to know about our company, FDI India. We helped them in establishing their company by making them meet the right foreign investor who helped them in their business. Besides helping in their foundation, FDI also helped them in decreasing the interest rate. Previously, they took a loan and had to pay an interest rate of 10.80% and now the interest rate is 2.5%.

  • The construction of the stores at two of the big metropolitan cities have already been started.
  • The company has made their official website and stated promoting their brand online.
  • They have managed to collaborate with India’s one of the most popular jewellery designer and are in talks with a few others.