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The food processing industry in India has tremendous growth potential favourable economic policies and attractive fiscal incentives. The government has been instrumental in the growth of the sector and has over the time taken several steps to boost investments in the food processing industry through the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI).

By 2020, Indian Food and Retail market is expected to touch USD 828.92 billion, while the dairy industry is expected to double up to USD140 billion.


The company was struggling to increase its production efficiency of organic condiments. The system they were using resulted in the in the loss of ingredients and the contamination of the roasting process. They were in need of foreign investors to rectify the way they were functioning. While they could produce small quantities, mass production was becoming increasingly difficult without investment.


  • They needed a proper main mechanism in place for production of the organic condiments.
  • Spinning disks were required to atomize the raw materials.
  • A retention conveyer was needed.
  • They wanted to shift production base to a bigger area.
  • They were already located in an industrial area with relatively cheaper raw materials.


The company was well-equipped with knowledge and expertise about their field. The only problem was the lack of funds to set them out on the path of mass production.

As is first with every project we accept, we thoroughly researched the plan to deduce the foreign direct investment availability. We mapped the entry routes and any complications the project may face in the future. The challenge for us was to guide the entire project through the lengthy process of foreign direct investment without incurring major difficulties.

We connected the company with interested foreign investors, and hereafter, the project commenced.


  • The plot for a bigger factory has been finalized.
  • Small machinery has been purchased.
  • Marketing strategies are being bettered.
  • The number of staff has also increased.
  • Soon production is larger quantity will commence.
  • Ideas for new products are also being pitched.