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Education is one of the largest sectors in India. It has undergone major changes over the years and in recent times, it has a lot of importance. India has one of the largest education systems in the world with 799 universities, 39,071 colleges, 11,923 stand-alone universities and a lot more than 260 million students who are enrolled with various institutions.

The Government has allowed 100% FDI under automatic route in the sector of education.


The Company had the idea of building a private university aiming at the increment of Gross Enrolment ratio. The university would be enormous enough to accommodate a number of courses, giving the students greater chances to be get themselves enrolled with their university. They were looking for soft loans from a foreign investors as raising money within the country includes more hassles.


Their plans were big and the classrooms, cafeteria, parking and grounds, everything was planned out in the blueprint.

  • Classrooms: Each classroom will be accommodating at least 50 students. There will be smart boards with podiums for teachers. The standard size of a classroom will be 17*15 with height being 45 feet.
  • Parking: Basement parking with more than 1500 slots in each parking will be made. Some parking spaces will be reserved for the differently abled. Open parking will also be provided.
  • Buildings: 20, 5-storey buildings are planned;. A separate building will be made for a library.
  • Cafeteria: Each building will have a separate cafeteria while a part of the university will be having some famous food franchise for the students and teachers.
  • Hostels: Four fully furnished buildings are separately planned for the hostels.

While they had the plan, they were unable to execute it because of the lack of funds. They then came to know about FDI India. We bridge the gap between the foreign investors and India business opportunities. We found an apt investor who could provide them the foreign investment inflow that they needed for their big project. We helped them to take their project forward and helped them to achieve the goal of their vision.

  • The four basement parking has already been finalized with the particular allotment of slots.
  • The constructors started with the library building and its foundation has been laid.
  • Workers have also started building the hostels and have completed two floors.