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A prominent sector in India’s economy that employs more than 50% of the workforce of the country is the Agriculture sector. In FY 2018, this sector contributed 18% to India’s GDP and the food processing industry of the country received USD 9.08 billion between 2000 and 2019.

100?I under the automatic route in the agriculture sector under specific terms and conditions mentioned in the FDI policy.


The company wanted to promote commercial agriculture in India. They had the motive to boost the country’s economy and hence, the plan. They envisioned a better India but however, they lacked funds so as to carry out their huge project and that is why they required foreign direct investment (FDI).


The plan of action was all planned out and all they needed was foreign inflow.

  • FARMING SITE: A proper and big site was in their mind already where the farm would set up.
  • FARMERS: It is not to be mentioned that farmers play an important role in farming and that is why a number of farmers would be employed for the process.
  • BUFFER ZONES: Buffer zones were to be set up so as to prevent the farm from getting tainted from any adjacent farms present in the site area.
  • CROPS: They were planning a high yield of cereals like barley, wheat, oilseeds and maize, obviously for trade and commerce purposes.


With their vision in mind, they came to FDI India for the required FDI. After getting to know about their aims and plans, we helped the company to get the foreign inflows to make their project possible. We then connected them to the suitable foreign investor and then they were able to move forward with their project.


  • So far, over 25 farmers have been employed, more to be employed soon.
  • Big buffer zones have also been set up for the protection of the farm.
  • For now, only the crops of wheat have been aligned in many rows.