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Agriculture is a prominent sector in the Indian economy. It employs more than 50% of the workforce of the country. This sector contributed 18% to India’s GDP in the financial year 2018. According to the data released by DPIIT, the country’s food processing industry received USD 9.08 billion between the years 2000 and 2019.

Up to 100%, FDI is allowed under the automatic route in the agriculture sector with certain conditions mentioned in the consolidated FDI policy.


The company had a vision in mind of increasing the base of organic farming in order to further stabilize agricultural production in a sustainable manner.  However, no matter how great the idea they had, they were lacking financial backup and thus, were looking for foreign direct investment for their big project.


They did have the plan of action but just the lack of investment restricted them to proceed with the project.

  • SITE: They already had the proper site planned in their mind where their organic farm would be set up.
  • ORGANIC PROMOTERS: It is quite obvious that organic farming will use green manure with minimum use of any chemical fertilizer.
  • FARMERS: Farmers play an important role in any kind of farming, thus for this project, many farmers were to be employed for carrying out all the processes.
  • BUFFER ZONES: Big buffer zones were planned on all sides of the farm so as to prevent its contamination from the adjacent conventional farm present there.


The company reached out to FDI India for the foreign investment inflow. We then understood their vision and helped them to get the funds required so as to bring this big project into reality. FDI India helped the company meet the apt foreign investor and then they proceeded with the project.


  • The crops of fruits and vegetables have been aligned in several rows.
  • 20 farmers have been employed until now.
  • Fencing has been set-up all around the site for the protection of the farm.
  • Building of buffer zones is in progress.