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Who Can Arrange Foreign Fund In India?

Who Can Arrange Foreign Fund In India?

Foreign Direct Investment is an investment that is made to a corporation or business by another country with a vision to establish better and lasting interest. Foreign Direct Investment is advantageous for both the participants, the investor as well as the foreign host country. Some of the major benefits of foreign funds for businesses are:

  • Diversification of market
  • Invectives in form of taxes.
  • Subsidies
  • Low cost of labor.
  • Preferable Tariff rates.

There are majorly three types of investors that are eligible for foreign funding in India:

  1. Individual
    • Financial institutions
    • Pension and Provident Fund
    • Foreign Venture Capital Investors
  2. Company
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds
    • Foreign Trust
    • Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO’s)
  3. Foreign Institutional Investors
    • Partnership and Proprietorship Firm
    • Private Equity Funds
    • Others

It is not easy for people to get foreign funding, it is a strenuous task if not handled the right way. At FDI India, we understand the nature of the process. We extend our expert guidance and assistance to ease the complex structure of foreign investments as well as transactions. FDI facilitation service in India has witnessed a change of fate with our careful and sustainable investment and loan options. We stay with you through the whole Investment life cycle right from the initial investment to the after care.

How do FDI Facilitators help you?

FDI India opens up various funding options for Indian firms who are currently looking for ways and methods to seek financial assistance and also boost overall business productivity. Domestic SME’s are offered funding to expand their present business verticals through foreign investments and soft loans.

With extensive experience in the realm of foreign investment worldwide, FDI India can adeptly help businesses looking for funding of projects in various sectors. We thoroughly research on a model and then deduce the availability of foreign direct investment.

FDI India holds expertise in guiding businesses in India that are looking for international funds a fail-proof and defined process to apply for FDI following the latest guidelines. If you know how to approach foreign investors, chances are you will enjoy great deal on the foreign investment front. Improve your chances of getting foreign funding with FDI India’s streamlined process. Contact us now, to know more!

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