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The Scope of FDI in India that Indian Businessman Can Take of Advantage

The Scope of FDI in India that Indian Businessman Can Take of Advantage

FDI is the investment of funds that is handled by an organization from one country to another. The intent behind it is to establish “lasting interest”. According to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development). Lasting interest is determined when the organization acquires a minimum of 10% voting power in the other organization. Here are some of the benefits that come with FDI investments:

Increased Economic growth and higher rate of employment – The creation of jobs is amongst the most obvious advantage that comes with FDI. It is amongst the most important reason that helps with the growth of nation. Increased FDI boosts the overall service as well as manufacturing sector. This brings in jobs for both skilled as well as unskilled labor.

Human Resource Development – The less obvious advantage that comes with FDI is the competence of workforce and the human capital knowledge. Skills that are gained are then enhanced with the help of experience and training.

Backward Areas are being developed – Most crucial benefit that comes with FDI for developing country. This provides an instant boost to the social economic status in the area.

Finance and Technology provisions – Businesses tend to get an access of the latest financing tools, operational practices, as well as technologies from across the world. This results in an enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of the industry.

Increased Exports – FDI helps enhance domestic consumption. These products are mostly available in the global markets. 100% Export Oriented Units and Economic Zones have further boosted exports.

Exchange Rate Stability – The constant FDI flow into the country brings in continuous foreign exchange which increases the revenue. This also helps the Central Bank maintain a very comfortable reserve of foreign exchange.

Economic Development – FDI adds to the external capital of the country which in turn adds to the revenue of the country. When factories are constructed, materials, local labor, and equipment are utilized. The factories create additional tax revenue for the Government which can then be infused into creating and improving the physical and financial infrastructure.

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