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Steps on How To Get Funds Under FDI

Steps on How To Get Funds Under FDI

The businessmen of today are very much keen on undertaking foreign investments for their companies as they are a much better option than taking bank loans. For business expansions, an investor is required and then the main question pops up of how to get funds under FDI.

Foreign funding has various advantages and mainly in India, there are a lot of foreign investments taking place in various sectors. FDI India is a one stop destination for companies who are looking out for getting foreign funds as they are the meeting point for the foreign investors who are interested in investing in Indian projects and the companies who are wanting to make foreign investments.

There are various FDI policies that govern FDI in India and it is vital to follow the norms as without it the foreign transactions can be termed as illegal. With FDI India the companies would not have to worry about a thing as they will be taking care of getting the government approvals and they will also be guiding at every step of the process.

It is really important to make sure to follow the government guidelines to get funds under FDI. There has been a major shift of businesses wanting to undertake foreign funding.

There are two routes of foreign investments such as the government route and the automatic route.

The major difference between the two routes is that through the government route it is mandatory to take government approval before making investments in the sectors that come under them and in the sectors that come in the automatic route there is no such requirement of taking government approvals before making investments in India.

The ways to get foreign funds are to follow the rule of the sector in which investment falls in and through this, the investments can be made in Indian companies.

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