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Reasons Behind Increased FDI in The Indian IT Sector

Reasons Behind Increased FDI in The Indian IT Sector

While FDI in recent years has improved overall, a few sectors have been accorded special attention FDI in IT, Computers, and Hardware remains to be two such sectors. But, as History would educate, India remained an agriculturally inclined economy for a long time, even after Independence. So what went on in the decades led us to these days where IT leads the nation in terms of FDI.

It’s easy to point fingers and regard the overall development of outsourcing, as well as IT development in general, as the reason behind the change, but to bring out the most intrinsic factors which have caused this momentum to change is hard. As far as our readers might look back, the internet came to India in 1995; in these 27 years, what key elements did we work on or let the investors develop that we now fetch such increased FDI?

Here are some of the reasons Behind Tech and the FDI Boom It has received

  • India as a sourcing destination. 

India has, over time, developed its position to be an IT capable of global recognition. India also has been a pivotal force in Outsourcing its talent and hard work. Some of the activities, such as Online Retailing, Cloud Computing, and E-Commerce are all contributing to the speedy growth of the IT industry.

  •   Ever Growing Digitally Skilled Pool

Indian Digital Talent stands for about 75% of the global digital talent, the fact that four of the largest IT sector companies have employed about a million employees in India. The truth is profoundly indicative of the turnout of globally viable digitally skilled talent India can put to work.

  •    Scope of Growth

While other economies hover at the brink of saturation, India is a developing nation with astute development scope. Our under-development sectors further entice the attention of Foreign Investors. For instance, fifth-generation (5G) communication technology, growing adoption of artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and their development would bring in a lot of foreign attention and investments.

  •   AI and a chance to exploit its Formative Business prospects.

India now rests at a crossroads where if it can exploit the emerging businesses of cloud computing, AI, and Cyber Security in the future, it can reach annual revenue of about $300 – $350 billion.


  • One of the largest Developing electronic market


To support the ongoing IT development, India also has one of the largest electronics markets, which has been anticipated to reach about $400 billion by 2025. These emerging markets and the pace at which they are growing become the main actors behind the overall push for FDI in IT sector.

With FDI now in a formidable place and showing Positive trends, it is clear that FDI investments in the IT sector will only increase over time. That is, if the economic headwinds stay put, inflation remains constant, and market demand rises steadily. For the world around, India has become the most profound IT service provider. However, a designation is only a pedestal along the way of development. 

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