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Process to Get Fund from Foreign To India

Process to Get Fund from Foreign To India

Businesses, associations, and Non-Profit Companies might approach a foreign source to receive funding in Indi. They are required and bound to comply with the regulations that have been laid down by the Government of India. Before anything let us first understand what is a foreign source? Foreign source is inclusive of any government of a foreign country or any agency. International agency exclusive of agency specified by the Central Government, corporation incorporated by a foreign country, and Multi-national corporation as defined  by the FCRA, 2010. Other foreign sources are:

  • A trade union in any foreign country
  • A foreign trust or foundation
  • A citizen of foreign country
  • A society, club or other association formed or registered outside India
  • A Company registered in India and more than half of share capital is held by-
  • Government of a foreign country
  • Citizens of a foreign country
  • Corporations incorporated in a foreign country
  • Trusts, societies or other associations formed or registered in a foreign country
  • Foreign company

Who can accept any form of foreign contribution?

A person with definite economic, cultural, educational, religious, and social programme are the ones who can accept foreign contribution after getting themselves registered.

How can foreign contribution be accepted?

It is important that you take prior permission of the Central government before you commit to accepting foreign contribution. The permission can be accepted in two ways:

  • Registration (Regular) – This shall be valid for a period of 5 years and must be renewed.
  • Prior Permission (Adhoc) – This shall be the one to be granted for specific amount from a specific donor for a fixed and defined special purpose.

Process for registration or prior permission

  • An application in prescribed form must be submitted online using FCRA online services.
  • For this user Id and password is created.
  • After creating user name and password, details are furnished as per the requirement and relevant documents are attached.
  • After that application is finally submitted along with requisite documents and online fee is paid.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs is supposed to grant registration/ prior permission within 90 days from the date of receipt of complete application.

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