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Looking For Industrial Investment in India?

Looking For Industrial Investment in India?

India’s economy is diverse and booming. From the agricultural industry to the IT sector, opportunities are plenty. Today, with easier norms and multiple possibilities, India has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign direct investments.

Foreign investors want to invest in the various sectors of the Indian economy because of easy foreign direct investment norms and regulations like tax exemptions and subsidies and relatively cheaper wages. Since the opening up of the economy in 1991, the government has taken several steps to liberalize FDI norms over the years.

More recently, the government sanctioned reforms in foreign direct investment norms and policies across several sectors including digital media, contract manufacturing, coal mining, and single brand retail trade.

We, at FDI India seek out profitable business opportunities looking for foreign investments. We bridge the gap between businesses based in India and overseas investors. Now, acquiring foreign direct investments can be a daunting task; it involves many procedures that are intricate in their workings and often confusing. It is advisable to get FDI facilitators like us to do your bidding. We are experts in our field and know what’s best for you.

We start out by doing a detailed study about your business and then begin mapping out the route that will take you closer to your dreams. All businesses, start-ups or established, require funds at some given point of time. We understand your needs and help you connect to the right investor for you.

Our foreign investor base is diverse, just like opportunities in India. They are based in different countries and have varied interests. For e.g. if you come to us looking for foreign funds for a construction project, we will connect you with interested overseas investors who want to penetrate the Indian market through the sector of construction.

You can think of us as your angel investors who work effectively to bring your vision into reality.

Raising funds from within the country is a more difficult task than it seems. Foreign direct investment is an easier alternative to fund your business.

Investors can invest in Indian businesses under two routes- the automatic route and the government route. The automatic route doesn’t require a prior approval from the government and various ministries. However, under the government of approval, a prior approval is required.

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