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List of Indian Exports That Have Helped in Attaining Profound Foreign Reserves

List of Indian Exports That Have Helped in Attaining Profound Foreign Reserves

Several export entities have been showcasing formidable increases over the years; the motto make in India seems to have been brought into the perception of young people. Make in India has influenced many Indian manufacturers to produce products for the needs of foreign markets and aid into the export business. Such new manufacturers have increased and raised the export market for Indian-made products.

Over the years, the export market of India has evolved and developed tremendously as there is a great demand for Indian goods in the foreign market. It has emerged as one of the most productive businesses and considerably lucrative. To help people acknowledge the lucrative exports that have increased the foreign trade prospects of India Over the years, here are some of the top exports that help India gain its FDI reserves.


  • Machinery Goods


Engineering products form a big part of the exports out of the nation. According to the data published, exports of engineering goods amounted to nearly US$ 76.63 billion. Engineering goods include industrial machinery equipment, automobile accessories, goods made up of metals such as iron and steel, and machinery tools needed for farming.

Machinery goods have become India’s top exports in the dynamic. Some Of The Most Prominent exporters of Indian engineering goods remain to be US, UAE and China. Over at these destinations, Indian engineering goods and exports have been in high demand.



  • Mineral fuels


Being the second largest oil refiner in Asia after China, India does a profound amount of exports and serves countries like the US, Singapore, Netherlands, UAE, and China. In the year 2021, Petroleum exports from India reached about 56.8 mm. While mineral fuels such as LPG, petrol, and diesel. Gasoline, naphtha, Jet fuel, and other lubricants remain in high demand. Indian petroleum has been one of the core 8 industries of India.


  • Gems and Precious Stones


The gems and precious stones market of India has enjoyed great demands from overseas. To help promote the trade further, the government has laid various profound campaigns that can promote India’s gold and diamond trade with the help of the help of upgraded technology in the global market. The market involves products like diamonds, Gold, Jewelry, and other precious gemstones, including ruby, hire, emeralds, pearls, and amber. All of these stones have been in great demand overseas and have provided India with impeccable chances of exports. Some of the most prominent markets for the jewels have been the US, Hong Kong, UAE, Belgium, and Israel.


  • Chemical Industries


The chemical Industry of India serves the needs of two types of chemical needs in the foreign market; we provide help for the needs of organic chemicals that are necessary for the pharmaceutical production of plastic. Some of India’s most prominent exports of organic chemicals remain to be Citric acid, acetone, acetone, phenol, and formaldehyde. In organic chemicals that are useful in the coating, paint, paper, and automobile industries. These chemicals are also used as catalysts and serve as intrinsic ingredients in cleaning solutions. In addition, India exports inorganic chemicals such as liquid chlorine, Calcium Carbide, Caustic Soda, Rep Phosphorus, and Soda and ash.

Exports of these products have led India to gather reasonable forex reserves, which have further helped in increasing the FDI into different sectors of the economy. India has been showcasing a profound rate of growth even in the times of a global economic slowdown. And the upcoming FTA agreements between the nation and prominent foreign countries would further help the domestic market’s key sectors gain further momentum. 

To reap the benefits of the such relentless growth of the nation, invest today in the pace of India. FDI India can handle this pursuit of yours profoundly without any major hassles. Our services, such as assistance in investments and analyzing market trends, can help you gain long-term gains. Contact us today for the revival of NPA accounts, project planning, and permissions approval. 

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