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How Can I Recover my NPA?

How Can I Recover my NPA?

NPA or Non Performing Assets can be a loan or an advance where principal or interest amounts are either late or haven’t been paid. Once that happens, the lending bank can regard the loan or the advance as NPA, if they have not received an interest payment for three months. Other reasons for your loan to get classified into NPA can be when there is no activity or operation in the account or if the unit is inoperative.

There are several strategies which can be used for recovering NPAs. It is important to remember that the effectiveness of such strategies depend on the circumstances, profile of the loanee and magnitude of the NPAs.

Given the aforesaid facts, we can use the following strategies for recovering NPAs.

There are debt collection agencies which can be hired for recovering NPAs.

In order to encourage repayment from the borrower (loanee), the interest rates can be reduced and any penalty charge imposed can be waived.

Faced with an extreme situation where the prospect of recovery looks very bleak, the collateral securities can be sold off to effect recovery of NPA.

There are circumstances wherein the borrowers express their inability to pay back the loan but the borrower has some surplus assets at their disposal. Under such circumstances the borrowers may be persuaded to sell such surplus assets to facilitate repayment of the loan in question.

When all options for recovering NPA have been exhausted then left with no other option, legal actions can be initiated to recover NPA. It is important to mention here that legal actions entail avoidable expenditure on the part of lending institutions and at the same time due to the sluggish pace of judicial decisions in our country, this option leads to prolonged litigations. Hence this option should be very scarcely used by the banks, lenders.

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