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How Can I Get International Funds

How Can I Get International Funds

International funding is a very attractive source of capital for business in India as there is a scarcity of the domestic investors and funding options. All the business projects and expansion require capital investments as without it is not possible to grow the business or take the business to new heights.

Foreign funds have been a lucrative option that not only provides the funding that is required by the company but also helps the business to gain new knowledge and technology advancements.

Foreign direct investments are on a rise in India and more companies are thinking about the probing question of how they can get international funds. There are various aspects that have to be seen before stepping into international funding as there are many government regulations that are monitoring it.

Increasing Popularity of International Funds

  • The current advice that the funding managers are giving to various companies is opting for international funds.
  • Even non-profit organizations are seemingly relying on international funding to keep their working going on. With foreign investments pouring in the country, there are also many reforms being done by the government to increase the international funding and ease of doing business.
  • There are two methods through which the government of India has given an allowance of getting international funds into the country and that is the government route and the automatic route.
  • The various sectors have been divided into the two routes of FDI, hence before taking international funds it is vital to check the government policies governing that sector.

The following are the ways through which the companies can get international funds:

  1. Individual
    • Financial institutions
    • Pension and Provident Fund
    • Foreign Venture Capital Investors
  1. Company
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds
    • Foreign Trust
    • Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)
  1. Foreign Institutional Investors
    • Partnership and Proprietorship Firm
    • Private Equity Funds
    • Others

FDI India provides the one-stop solution to the companies who are on the lookout for international funding.

They have years of expertise in working in the field of foreign investments and they provide the best platform for the Indian companies and foreign investors to meet and take the projects to new heights.

The main motto of the company is to increase foreign investments in the country by helping the Indian companies to meet the right foreign investors, according to the government norms the full procedure of FDI in India is done seamlessly.

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