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Economic Slowdown Forecasted, Measures to Invest the Right Way During Market Fluctuations

Economic Slowdown Forecasted, Measures to Invest the Right Way During Market Fluctuations

With our nation’s tentative plans to grow as well as increase global trades and FDI in recent times project an image of profound future prospects for the nation, while ace reviewers put forth a contradicting perspective upfront with a prospective expected slowdown to 5.2% in 2023-24 from 7%, in the current fiscal.

Some Statistics

The Japanese brokerage had already supported the prospect of policy vigilance amid the global headwinds. Macro stability should be the goal here more than growth. According to Nomura and its touted numbers, the inflation would sit on an average at 6.8% and possibly cool down to 5.3% in the fiscal year 2024.

On the fiscal consolidation front, it said expenditure cuts would be necessary to meet the 6.45 deficit target and added that it was circumspect about a 6% target for 2024. According to the forecasts deduced by Nomura, RBI should administer a 65 basis point hike in December and further deliver a 25 basis points increase in February to take the repo rate to 6.50%. The RBI has already raised the repo rate by 190 basis points since May to combat the soaring inflation already.

How is India Dealing with the Global Headwinds?

A prime reason behind the suspected slowdown is the global economic challenges posed by recessionary trends over the Russia-Ukraine war. These recessionary trends would further lead to a global slowdown spillover, leading to a recession in global trade.

Only recently, our national exporters were under anguish due to exports being shelved to the EU amid a recessionary trend about to settle in the nations. While the more significant part of the world has been able to put forth sanctions on Russia, India has been ardent in seeking the best out of a predicament.

India has overtime increased its crude oil trade with Russia and benefitted from the dropping prices amid the sanctions stipulated.

Ways to Keep Your Investment Secure

While on a nationwide front, measures are taken to bring inflation down or to settle it to a constant rate, here are a few steps you can take personally to make sure that your rainy-day funds remain secure.


  • Pay Of Variable debt


If you have a considerable amount of variable debt, pay it off, these include credit card expenses, personal loans, and variable rate mortgages; these should be done way ahead of investing as 16% to 18% interest on a credit card is hard to beat with any kind of investment.


  • Investments


Several asset classes perform well under inflation; these include gold, oil, and even soybean-based products should have soared in prices along with finished products that are made with the. Therefore, invest in such commodities to make sure that the revenue sores up with a rise in inflation.


  • Investment in Real Estate


Investment in real estate is generally the best option as land prices skyrocket after inflation, but this kind of investment requires substantial upfront investments. If you don’t have that kind of funds to invest in, consider Inflation Indexed Bonds and treasury inflation-protected securities, which tend to increase their returns with inflationary prices.


  • Invest in Gold


Gold has been a haven for investments during inflation; gold prices, most of the time, have gone up after and during inflation; investments in gold are generally safer as well when compared to investments in mortgage-backed securities and other securities.

  •  Investments in market sectors

A detailed study of different sectors could also reveal certain key sectors whose revenue soar up during inflation, leading to better revenues. A detailed study becomes preliminary in such cases.

This measure can somewhat help you maintain your rainy day fund better than keeping it in banks under a savings account during soaring inflation. This measure would help keep your money’s worth intact while the government tries to constrict liquidity in the economy. For further major investments in the growth trajectory of our nation, consider the profound services of FDI India to direct your investment in the right sector at the right time. Whether you are seeking supervision to direct your investments or assistance through soft loans, FDI India can help you in your pursuit.

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