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All about the Role of FDI in Indian Retail and E-commerce Sector

All about the Role of FDI in Indian Retail and E-commerce Sector

In the past few years, the retail sector has turned into one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. The allowance of FDI In Retail & Ecommerce by the government was to ensure that the flow of capital is smooth and that the weaker sections of society are promoted.

When a product is purchased by a customer from any retail shop, they can’t sell it to a third party. It is because they are considered the final point of contact in the retail sector.

The retail sector of India is one of the most significant parts of the service industry as it has grown massively along with quicker economic growth, increased disposable incomes and faster urbanization.This sector covers 14% to 15% of India’s GDP and is a key contributor to the country’s economy.

Organized Retail Sector

Business companies that are incorporated under the Indian government and run by licensed retailers in an organized manner are included in the organized retail sector of the country. It consists of shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets, departmental stores, etc., where there is the availability of a wide variety of products for sale under one roof.

Over the years, the organized retail sector has displayed massive growth, which has increased the competition between businesses in the nation.

Unorganized Retail Sector

The unorganized retail sector of the nation includes all incorporated private companies that are owned, managed and controlled by individuals who work in low-skilled businesses. It is run as a small-scale business whose enterprises are not incorporated under the Indian government. 

It consists of Kirana stores, fruit vendors, cobblers, melas, etc. Also, construction workers and domestic helpers are included in the category of unorganized sector workers.

How FDI Influences the Retail Sector?

FDI in Retail & E-commerce has proved to be highly beneficial to India, especially for those individuals who are working in organized sectors. It has led to phenomenal growth and a tremendous change in the retail industry that has entirely changed its structure.

It proved to be advantageous to the farmers as it removed the concept of the middleman altogether. It also offers effective supply-chain efficiency and assures that employment opportunities are provided to the population, mainly in the marketing industry.


The Indian government has taken an important step by including FDI to better the nation’s retail environment, along with improving the growth of India’s economy. The inclusion of FDI in Retail & E-commerce in India has increased employment opportunities for the country’s youth. It is beneficial for reducing production costs and average costs so that both the manufacturers and customers can derive profits. 100% FDI is permitted in wholesale retailing.

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